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Christmas breakfast: Felicity Cloake's formula for eggs royale

Eggs royale – a wanton heap of salmon, eggs and a criminally rich sauce on a feathery biscuit – is my fantasy breakfast on 25 December, regardless of whether as a general rule the large day will in general start with mayhem and a rushed cut of toast. On the off chance that you have less youngsters and canines in habitation, notwithstanding, appreciate an additional touch of sauce with your eggs royale – and benedict or florentine for me, as well. It is Christmas, all things considered. 

Prep 5 min 

Cook 20 min 


4-8 eggs, contingent upon hunger 

1 drop vinegar 

4 English biscuits 

Margarine, to spread 

400g child spinach (discretionary) 

4 cuts cooked ham or 100g smoked salmon 

Salt and pepper 

Nutmeg (discretionary) 

For the hollandaise 

125g cold unsalted margarine 

2 enormous egg yolks 

¼ lemon 

1 Precautionary measures 

Start with the hollandaise. Fill the sink, or a heatproof bowl bigger than your pot, with about 5cm virus water and heat up a little water in the pot. These are both protection strategies in the event of debacle, however don't stress: as long as you make these arrangements, you won't require them. Cut the margarine into solid shapes. 

2 Combine the eggs and spread 

Put the spread in a little, substantial based pan with the egg yolks and two tablespoons of cold water. Put over a low warmth and mix to help liquefy the spread; I think that its most straightforward to begin with a wooden spoon, at that point swap this for a whisk once the irregularities have turned fluid. 

3 Stir until it thickens 

Slowly, the sauce will thicken; don't be enticed to turn up the warmth to rush it along, however on the off chance that it would seem that it's taking steps to part or scramble in any case, dive the base of the skillet into the virus water and whisk energetically. This ought to cut the temperature down and you can return it on the warmth and keep whisking. 

4 in case of fiasco … 

On the off chance that it curdles, race in a bit of bubbling water to check whether it very well may be saved; in the event that not, empty the wreckage into a container, wash the skillet, at that point put a crisp egg yolk in there with a sprinkle of water, and step by step race in the coagulated sauce over a low warmth. 

5 Finish the sauce and keep it warm 

When the sauce has thickened, beat in the lemon squeeze and season with salt and pepper to taste. Move the sauce to a heatproof container set over a second skillet of high temp water, ensuring the base of the hollandaise dish doesn't contact the water, and mix every so often: shockingly, hollandaise doesn't warm well, so you can't make it excessively a long ways ahead, however it will sit joyfully for some time. 

6 Poach (or heat up) the eggs 

Heat a little skillet of water to the point of boiling, and split each egg into its own ramekin. Put a drop of vinegar into the water and whisk vivaciously, at that point quickly slip the eggs into the middle two at once. Poach on a low warmth and set the clock for three minutes. (On the other hand, make delicate bubbled eggs: stew them for seven minutes, at that point dive into cold water and strip.) 

7 Now for the biscuits and spinach 

In the interim, split, toast and margarine the biscuits. In the event that you need spinach, wash, at that point put in a medium skillet on a medium warmth with the water as yet sticking to its leaves. Spread and cook until withered, shaking the dish every now and then, at that point crush dry and season liberally with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Ensure you haven't disregarded the eggs. 

8 Plate and serve 

Channel the eggs and pat dry on kitchen paper. Working rapidly now, put two biscuit parts on each plate and top first with the spinach (in the event that utilizing) and afterward the ham or salmon, trailed by an egg and a decent bit of hollandaise. Finish with a grinding of dark pepper or a little nutmeg, and serve on the double before the sauce goes cold. 

9 Variations on the topic 

In case you're not a captive to custom, swap in ready avocado, flame broiled bacon, warm crab meat or dark colored shrimp, or a barbecued field mushroom or hamburger tomato for the ham, and so on. Or then again swap the biscuit for a crumpet or great toast. Or then again flavor up the hollandaise with a press of hot sauce, anchovy glue or a bunch of crisp, delicate herbs.