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Disregard Goals, Be Present

We will in general consider life regarding achievements, instead of encounters. In any case, life is intended to be live with the "objective" of being available at the time.

This is the means by which to carry on with an important life. Not by having objectives and doing things just to arrive at those objectives, yet to live in mindfulness.

Generally, society is diverted from this standard. Society attempts to determine significance through status, material riches, and subjective objectives.

Ease the heat off. Disregard your objectives and plans and simply be at the time. Give every minute a chance to direct you.

This isn't tied in with being unrestrained. That is an alternate kind of giving up. This is about doing whatever it takes not to control everything. It's tied in with enabling inward intelligence to direct you.

Objectives and plans are regularly disturbed by reality at any rate. Having a general course bodes well, yet subtleties written in stone .