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Dutch appeltaart recipe - Love the taste

The formula originates from Anja Baak, who set up Great Glen Charcuterie. Her green peppercorn salami includes intensely at Aran, and she obediently kept in touch with her family formula by hand when I needed to reproduce a Dutch appeltaart for the bread kitchen. 

Planning time: 60 minutes, in addition to a couple of hours chilling time | Cooking time: 60 minutes 


•    250g caster sugar 
•    Get-up-and-go of ½ and juice of 1 lemon 
•    250g unsalted margarine, in addition to extra for lubing 
•    2 tbsp cold water 
•    500g self-raising flour 
•    Around 8 cooking apples, for example, Bramley, stripped and slashed into thumb-sized pieces 
•    1½ tsp ground cinnamon 
•    1 tbsp custard powder or 1 tbsp cornflour 
•    Little run of vanilla bean glue 
•    2 tbsp apricot jam, in addition to extra to coat 
•    1 bunch of raisins or sultanas (discretionary) 
•    1 egg, beaten 
•    Whipped cream, to serve 
For the almond layer 
•    4 tbsp sugar 
•    4 tbsp ground almonds 
•    1 egg 


Start with the cake. In a little bowl, blend the sugar, ground lemon get-up-and-go and margarine until smooth, include one tablespoon of the virus water and blend once more, at that point include the flour. 

At the point when very much blended, include another tablespoon of cold water and utilize your hands to unite. Spread and chill in the cooler for a couple of hours. 

In a subsequent bowl, blend the apples in with the lemon juice, cinnamon, custard powder, vanilla bean glue and apricot jam. Put in a safe spot. 

Blend the elements for the almond layer into a glue. 

Preheat the stove to 180C/160C fan/Gas 4. Spread a shallow 20cm springform preparing tin or pie dish. 

Turn out portion of your cake batter into a huge round to accommodate your tin, with the baked good generally 3mm thick. Line the preparing tin with this half and put the other half in a safe spot. Tenderly spread the almond layer over the base. You can dissipate this in if the glue is brittle. Spoon the apple blend on top as uniformly as would be prudent. Dissipate over certain raisins if utilizing. 

Utilizing the staying half of the baked good batter, reveal a round generally 2mm thick. 

Cut the mixture into even strips, generally 2cm wide, contingent upon how wide you need your cross section strips. 

Spread out five parallel strips over the filling, leaving equivalent space between them. Overlap back each other strip so they are down the middle. Spot another long strip where you have collapsed the others over with the goal that the strip is at a 90-degree edge to the others. Unfurl the collapsed strips over the individual strip. Presently take the parallel strips that are running underneath the individual strip and overlay them back finished. Set out a subsequent opposite strip alongside the first, with some space between the strips. Unfurl the collapsed parallel strips throughout the subsequent strip. Proceed with this procedure until the cross section is finished. Press the edges together and trim. 

Brush with the beaten egg and heat for 60 minutes, until brilliant. 

When out of the stove, brush with some apricot jam, warmed through in a little pan. Leave to chill off in the tin. 

Present with whipped cream.