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Meet Misha Kaura: The Fine Artist and Couturier

Practical, careful, ultra-extravagance style and craftsmanship is making progress in the Instagram-ruled design indus

It Turns Out, Stress Actually Can Turn Your Hair White

One more motivation to understand pressure. 

Step by step instructions to Wear Makeup With Glasses

On the off chance that you wear glasses every day and love putting on cosmetics, you most likely comprehend the battl

Here's Why Your Skin Is So Dry This Time of Year—and What to Do About It

Before you call the dermatologist, here's the manner by which to deal with your occasional skincare issues, including

Most blazing Engagement Ring Trends

Spring has arrived, and almost everyone who gives two hoots about design is getting their closets updated for the per

All-Seasons Outerwear: Why You Should Own An Overshirt

In menswear, there are a chosen few pieces of clothing that work harder, accomplish more and request not exactly all

Slip-ups You're Making When Shaving Your Legs

What's more, how to fix them! 

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