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Natwest's recently propelled Bó application looks a great deal like Monzo

From its splendidly shaded card to the client experience of its application and the advantages it offers, the long-gestating Natwest fintech venture looks like minimal more than a Monzo copycat 

Propelled as an immediate adversary to fintech current record challengers like Monzo, Starling and Revolut, the new computerized financial arrangement from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group looks to some extent like the pioneer of that pack: Monzo. 

The Tom Blomfield-established challenger bank has unquestionably composed the playbook with regards to propelling new banks – regardless of whether it hasn't arrived on a productive plan of action yet. 

Obviously impersonation is the sincerest type of blandishment, and new Bó clients will get a splendidly hued contactless check card (yellow for Bó, coral pink for Monzo) and a basic portable application which composes exchanges with the point of helping clients to set aside cash, including setting spending plans and a piggy bank for reserve funds, however without collecting premium. The advantages around abroad utilization and the capacity to bolt a card before counteracting it are largely additionally straight of a well-worn fintech playbook. 

Onboarding is likewise smooth and basic, with clients ready to get ready for action quickly or somewhere in the vicinity, yet you do need to take a selfie with your tongue out, so perhaps don't do it in the workplace. 

"I believe it's a heartless challenger bank," David Brear, bunch CEO of advanced financial consultancy 11:FS said. 

"At the point when originators like [Monzo CEO] Tom Blomfield or [Starling CEO] Anne Boden are beginning challengers for profound cultural significance and reason, for RBS to have spent so a lot and accomplish so little in such an extensive stretch of time... it makes me stress this is just the impulse of a senior individual in a bank and various consultancies, as opposed to something that has any long haul importance to UK clients or the market."