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New Year Party: Welcome your visitors with these delectable plans

Celebrating the new year with loved ones is the best feeling and to top everything, with delightful nourishment, arranged with affection and care is a treat. 

So in the event that you are outfitting to invite visitors on the new year and make the night unique, here are some fascinating and mouth-watering plans that you should attempt. 

Usher in the New Year with this simple formula. 


2 Tsp - Refined oil 

1tsp - Garlic 

4tbsp - Soaked kidney beans 

2tbsp - French beans 

4tbsp - Jalapeno 

1tsp - Paprika powder 

Salt to taste 

2tsp - cheddar 

2 cups - Water 

6 no - Medium potato 

Oil for profound singing 

2tbsp - Jalapeno mayonnaise 

4tsp - Crispy singed leeks 

Miniaturized scale greens for decorate 


*Take a griddle include 2 tsp refined oil, garlic, kidney beans, french beans, jalapeno, paprika powder, salt and saute for two minutes at that point include cheddar and saute for one moment. 

*Take a profound skillet and include six cups of water and heat up the Potato for 10 minutes without shutting the top. After that extension out the potatoes. 

*Take a search for gold singing and profound fry checked potatoes for 2 minutes 

*Take a serving plate, place the rotisserie potatoes, load up with jalapeno mayonnaise and load up with the blend made. 

*Garnish with fresh singed leeks and the dish is prepared to serve.