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Peeps Krispies Treats Recipe

Peeps are intended to be expended in strange manners. Name any nourishment out there and it very well may be Peepified. That doesn't mean it ought to be, yet it generally makes for an engaging evening. As far as I can tell, it's justified, despite all the trouble if simply because the main individual to attempt the consequences of a Peeps analyze unavoidably has either an extremely upbeat (sugar savages) or truly alarmed face. 

Thus, Peeps Krispies Treats. We should begin with certain conditions. 

A few Equations 

Marshmallows + Butter + Rice Krispies = Rice Krispies Treats 

Peeps + Butter + Rice Krispies = Peeps Krispies Treats 

They're as simple to make as ordinary Rice Krispies Treats so this would be an enjoyment Easter movement for kids. The hues! Dissolving marshmallow creatures! 

Peeps Krispies Treats obviously taste better and more Peepsy (read: substance additives) than customary Rice Krispies Treats. In this manner, this is most likely a fantasy treat for those in the under 12-year-old set. Children nowadays and their preference for liquid Peeps hearts. 


3 tablespoons margarine 

35 Peeps 

6 cups Rice Krispies oat 

In enormous pot, soften margarine over low warmth. Include Peeps and mix until totally dissolved. In the case of utilizing various hues, liquefy in discrete shading segments inside the pot. Try not to blend hues until Step 2. Expel pot from heat once margarine is softened. 
Include Rice Krispies oat. Mix until all around covered. 
Uniformly press blend into 13 x 9 x 1/2-inch dish covered with cooking shower. Cool totally before cutting into wanted shapes. Store in a water/air proof compartment.