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Simrranjit Ghuraa - The Hunger Blogger

Simrranjit Ghuraa AKA The Hunger Blogger is also a passionate traveler, a hardcore foodie & a YouTuber/vlogger from India. As he's a "To Travel Is to Live & Lives To Eat" kinda person who loves to share his experience with the world as his passion has taken him places & he loves to document that for his channel. His connect with the audience & his witty way of working speaks for him in his videos.

His passion to travel, curiosity to know & fascination for exploring new places, cuisines & culture is seen in his vlogs. His culinary journey & travel stories are in association with the Dubai Tourism(VisitDubai), Singapore Tourism, Israel Tourism(the #MeetInIsrael campaign) etc. He also has explored & covered the streets of Delhi & Bangalore along with the famous Ramzan Khau Gali in Mumbai that's his home ground. His reviews & vlogs on hotels, restaurants & his weekend getaways travel journeys are all to be seen on his YouTube channel. He has also collaborated with brands like BMW & Mercedes for various campaigns (Launches,Luxe Drive,X Drive etc.).

He has appeared twice on Sunday Mid-Day for his work that distinguishes him from the regular & has been featured in Page3 of Bombay Times(BT) as well. He was also a guest judge on Master Chef India 2016 & has been a part of scripting. He has been in association with FoxLife India to promote their show "Grilled". He loves to take off the beaten path & try never-tried-before things. The whole experience of doing the same thing differently is what he's open to as that's the key to be a real storyteller.

Mr. Simrranjit Ghuraa, is also the Director of G.K.S.A Numerrus Hotels Pvt. Ltd under which he has “The Roa Hotel” which was his first project as an Entrepreneur at the age of 21, after an early demise of his father. He has graduated from one of the most reputed hotel management institutes in Mumbai, Sophia Polytechnic. Having studied food & hospitality & gaining knowledge on food & beverages, he then decided to take his father’s legacy ahead by revamping the hotel business from a basic hotel to a three-star corporate property being located at one of Mumbai’s busiest industrial belt in the central suburb of Mumbai. It’s now been more than seven years that he has been running this hospitality business successfully.

He says “I couldn’t do this alone it’s a joint effort and support from my mom and younger brother along with a lot of family support that stood with us after dad passed away.”

Being passionate about the industry and his love for food, he started “Food Blogging” & Traveling out of passion by the name The Hunger Blogger on social media. Having studied food & wanting to know more about different cuisines & food culture, his food vlog did take off well in the food and travel industry. Now he’s invited to taste food & give his feedback before the food is made open to the public. He is also one of the fittest influencers in the city. He believes that one must always remove time for physical activity which is a must for all. He didn’t stop there & started his own YouTube Channel which is India’s first-ever food vlogging channel making him the first-ever “Food Vlogger” of India.