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Step by step instructions to Create and Grow Your Female Health Tracking App

As indicated by look into by the Pew Research Center, in 2013, seven of every ten grown-ups in the US followed in any event one thing identified with their wellbeing or the strength of their friends and family – be it circulatory strain, beat, weight, rest, or exercise. In 2019, this inclination is probably not going to have lessened. With the assortment of wearables, wrist trackers, and wellbeing applications accessible, we have presumably turned out to be significantly increasingly dependent on wellbeing following. 

For quite a while, be that as it may, this propensity didn't influence period observing. Computerized answers for that have just begun to show up... 

What female wellbeing following applications are available? 

The mHealth market has for quite some time been populated by wellness following, diet and sustenance, ailment the executives, and way of life the board applications. From 2012 to 2016, portable applications identified with wellness following were the most sought after sort of mHealth application. As indicated by PwC, downloads of wellness following applications expanded to 250 million out of 2012. In the interim, the specialty of ladies' wellbeing following applications remained moderately little. 

Lately, be that as it may, more merchants have at long last begun moving from creating wellness applications to creating computerized items that likewise spread ladies' wellbeing needs. 

In March 2018, the Frost and Sullivan counseling firm shared a report foreseeing the potential development of the female innovation market up to $50 billion by 2025. This delicious projection shouldn't be neglected by business people. 

In May 2018, Fitbit, one of the most unmistakable wearables merchants, added female wellbeing following highlights to its portable application. These highlights are accessible for various Fitbit gadgets. Despite the fact that client surveys recommend that these highlights still should be improved, Fitbit has been among the primary colossal wellbeing and wellness organizations to attempt to cover fundamental ladies' wellbeing needs. 

Nowadays, wellbeing and health applications for ladies chiefly comprise of period schedules (or period trackers). These are intended to assist ladies with checking their menstrual cycles, anticipate ovulation, investigate their temperaments and by and large body condition, make sure to take conception prevention pills, etc. This usefulness encourages ladies to limit their odds of surprising pregnancy, better comprehend their bodies, know how they respond to various phases of their cycle, and even get pregnant. 

These applications, in any case, can be utilized by ladies themselves as well as by their primary care physicians. Specialists can utilize information gave by these applications to all the more likely comprehend their patients' wellbeing. What's more, in some cases this information can likewise be utilized by accomplices to help a couple in their relationship. 

The exactness and value of a period following application can be estimated dependent on various criteria, for example, the precision of period expectations and richness following, instructive data gave, proficient association, indication investigation, customized content, and even the nearness of secret word assurance. Despite the fact that there are a lot of period following applications available, many don't fulfill client desires. 

In this article, we talk about highlights and advances that make for an extremely successful, safe, and precise ladies' wellbeing and health application. We additionally talk about different things that add to a positive client experience. 

Here are the phases of a ladies' wellbeing portable application improvement. 

Stage 1: Study the challenge
To make something other than what's expected, you have to gain from the successes and mix-ups of your rivals. So the absolute initial phase in period tracker application advancement is to think about applications that have just prevailing available. Fortunately, we've done this for you. 

Here's our curated rundown of the best time frame and ovulation schedules that won our consideration on account of their remarkable usefulness and, well, allure. 

#1 – Clue 

Piece of information is a free, AI-based period tracker for the two iOS and Android. It's created by Berlin-based organization BioWink. Piece of information has a 4.5 rating on both the App Store and Google Play Store and was even positioned first on a rundown of the most exact menstrual cycle following applications by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 2016. 

Sign stands apart from other period trackers on account of its brisk arrangement, clean and easy to understand interface, pleasant hues, and incredible exactness with regards to anticipating periods and breaking down side effects. With Clue, ladies can without much of a stretch instruct themselves on their cycle on account of loads of helpful wellbeing data, which shows up in spring up remarks while logging side effects. 

Since its dispatch in 2013, Clue has figured out how to store up around 10 million dynamic clients in 200 nations and has brought about $30 million up in adventure subsidizing. 

#2 – Flo 

Established in 2015 in Minsk, Belarus by Yuri Gurski, Flo is one more period tracker that depends intensely on AI and AI to assist ladies with improving their health. The Flo application gives ladies a chance to log more than 50 indications, for example, feminine cycle stream, intercourse, rest, water admission, mind-sets, torments, and physical action. The application at that point gives customized wellbeing tips and bits of knowledge dependent on examination of a client's individual information just as anonymized aggregate information. 

This customized methodology has demonstrated incredible outcomes – Flo has a system of 10 million month to month dynamic clients, among whom about 100,000 effectively get pregnant every month, as indicated by the application's makers. 

#3 – Eve 

Discharged in 2015, Eve is a period tracker by Glow, an information science organization that is centered around female regenerative wellbeing and sexual training. In 2016, the Eve application got a huge redesign dependent on clients' input. Presently it appreciates a notoriety for being "the application with character." 

This period following application is cherished for its perfect interface and a lot of clever usefulness, for example, Cycloscope, a component that shows your present cycle stage together with conceivable current wellbeing side effects. Eve has a huge worked in informal organization where clients can share their experience and tips. 

The Glow organization likewise has two different applications for ladies – Glow Cycle and Fertility Tracker, which is centered around helping individuals imagine, and Glow Nurture, which is a pregnancy following application. 

#4 – Kindara 

Scarcely any individuals comprehend what basal internal heat level (BBT) is. Be that as it may, the makers of Kindara not just know the meaning of BBT; they likewise see how it's identified with the periods of a lady's cycle. The Kindara application goes with the organization's exceptional oral thermometer, which synchronizes with the application by means of Bluetooth to break down information and decide ovulation all the more decisively. 

Kindara is likewise effectively adjustable. Clients can pick their objective for period following (to get pregnant, to maintain a strategic distance from pregnancy, or just to follow the cycle) and change the quantity of side effects to improve or extend the degree of investigation. Kindara additionally has an in-application network to examine things and offer learning among clients. 

Since we've seen a few instances of effective period trackers, it's an ideal opportunity to discover progressively about what truly makes a period following application work. 

Stage 2: Think over ground-breaking usefulness for your period tracker 

Your application should assist ladies with foreseeing their cycles and educate them regarding what their bodies are doing. In addition, it should help them either become pregnant or maintain a strategic distance from it. Sometimes, it likewise should facilitate their correspondence with parental figures. How about we see what usefulness may assist clients with these things. 


Having quite complicated usefulness, applications for ladies need justifiable onboarding. Onboarding assists clients with getting the possibility of the application all the more rapidly, which improves the client experience and encourages you hold clients. 

You can pick between mentor screens (which typically show up on beginning an application), instructional overlays (which use pointers and remarks before UI components while experiencing the first application screens), and inboarding (a strategy when clients find an application while really utilizing it). Presently how about we center around the primary highlights.

Client profiles 
Numerous period trackers require enlistment by means of email or a Google account so clients can store and synchronize information crosswise over gadgets. In any case, enlisting with a period following application by means of email or an informal community record shouldn't be required. 

All together not to drive off clients with a mind boggling enlistment method, you may recommend they skip joining and make a straightforward client profile by rounding out wellbeing data that is utilized by the application. This may be their age, weight, stature, and some essential data on their wellbeing and period. Your clients are now going to depend you with their most private data, so do whatever it takes not to overpower them with additional inquiries. Rather, center around data that will truly assist you with improving the client experience – for instance, by customizing content. 

Period schedule 
A client's association with a period tracker typically begins with entering data on the first and a days ago of monthly cycle. The assignment of your period following application is to advantageously educate clients where they are in their cycle and what's befalling them at this moment. Regardless of whether you show this through a basic period schedule or an intelligent period cycle progress bar, it ought to be natural and ought not overburden clients. 

Among fundamental things that might be shown on your advancement screen are the present day of the cycle, the richness window, the evaluated date of the following period, up and coming PMS, etc. Your advancement screen may likewise show a counter indicating how long are left before the following time frame, long stretches of monthly cycle remaining, or days before feminine cycle will begin. Continually changing states can without much of a stretch be appeared through lively and intelligent livelinesss. 

Most period trackers not just let ladies outwardly track changes in their state all through the entire cycle yet in addition enable them to break down these changes. Plotting isn't required, yet it's a charming component for clients, since it might give them a few hints on the most proficient method to get themselves and what anticipate from their bodies. 


The best possible activity of any period tracker depends intensely on clients' sources of info – if a lady neglects to enter the principal day of her period on schedule, the presentation of the application may endure. So as not to allow that to occur, your application ought to more than once (however tenderly) remind clients to enter essential information. 

Notices in ladies' wellbeing following applications can be separated into three sorts: 

Suggestions to make every day log sections 

Suggestions to take drugs 

Tokens of the beginning of the following period of the cycle 

So as to expand the ease of use of your application, you can include one more sort of notice: in view of examination of activities and data gave, your application can caution clients about potential medical problems. One approach to do this is with calculations for breaking down manifestations and indicating the illnesses that most ordinarily cause them. Now, we can continue to following side effects. 

Side effect following and examination 

For most period trackers, the every day side effect log records the force of stream, state of mind, PMS manifestations, intercourse, cervical liquid, weight, rest, water admission, and exercise. In view of investigation of this information just as information on the cycle and period length, an application can foresee what you ought to anticipate from your body, which things are typical for you, and which ones aren't. It can even advise you when you may need to see a specialist. 

Applications like Flo and Clue, for instance, utilize amazing AI calculations to break down enormous arrangements of aggregate client information while as yet giving customized wellbeing bits of knowledge to every client. Ida Tin, CEO of Clue, accepts that applying AI to female wellbeing applications won't just assist ladies with understanding their bodies better yet additionally assist merchants with building arrangements that recognize early cautioning indications of maladies. 

Sign works together with various world-class wellbeing experts and researchers who continually lead examination into ladies' wellbeing indications to fabricate shrewd calculations that spread various significant wellbeing questions and assist ladies with being progressively instructed about their menstrual wellbeing. 

Empowering wearable help in your application will enable your clients to naturally include wellbeing information in their every day logs –, for example, rest time, pulse, pulse, and weight – while giving you more information to break down. 

The more prominent the quantity of wearables your application bolsters, the more helpful this element will be. The most well known wellness trackers are Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung Gear, and Mi trackers. 

Imparting data to a specialist 

Some period trackers have the capacity for clients to impart some data to their accomplices. In Clue, for instance, this component is called Clue Connect. Piece of information offers it for beginning an open exchange on themes that are awkward for a great many people: period, premenstrual disorder (PMS), and richness. Hint clients can impart period data to one another by sending an exceptional connection that consequently opens in the application. 

Be that as it may, the alternative to share or synchronize wellbeing data can be helpful not just for accomplices. Clients can likewise impart data to their primary care physicians. For instance, a client might have the option to download a document with information for a specific timeframe. Or then again they may allow access to information by means of an uncommon connection, as in Clue. Another great alternative is to send an email with significant wellbeing data (in diagrams, for instance). Furnishing a specialist with more information can assist analysis and treatment. On account of menstrual following, it can assist ladies with addressing specialists' inquiries regarding things they easily forget (date of last feminine cycle and intercourse or side effects from two days prior, for instance). 

Informal organization 

Individuals love to talk. Also, a great many people like to share. You can fabricate a major and strong network in your application. In the Pink Pad application, with its implicit informal community, ladies swapped stories, thought about side effects, and collaborated with the network from various perspectives. Clients could impart in topical gatherings, posts, and private messages. 

The engineers of Flo and Eve comprehend the need of this element. Flo has as of late propelled a Quora-style administration where clients can pose inquiries and offer responses, sharing their experience secretly. In Eve's Premium form, there's additionally the capacity to convey in private messages and to take part in gatherings conformed to themes.

Online counsels 

Indeed, even with an entire implicit network to converse with or a lot of AI-created wellbeing tips, ladies still may have a great deal of precarious inquiries that are smarter to pose to a genuine expert. Here's the place in-application visit with a specialist might be useful. 

You can team up with restorative experts who can give online meetings, suggest treatment designs, and even recommend drug by means of instant messages or voice calls. For instance, Biem, which positions itself as a virtual sexual wellbeing center, makes it workable for clients to jump on a video call with an advisor with whom they can talk about their manifestations and get a conference. 

Secret phrase assurance 

The initial step to ensure clients' close to home data and confine access to it is empowering secret key assurance. 

To make approval simpler and quicker, you can coordinate Touch ID and Face ID validation in your application. 

Stage 3: Define how to adapt your period following application 

It is silly to make interests in a cool application for ladies and not get some benefit from it, correct? How about we see what adaptation systems rule the femtech field today. 


Nowadays, the prominence of paid applications is somewhat low and keeps on diminishing. As indicated by Statista, the level of paid applications in Google Play was underneath 6% toward the start of 2018. 

Among period trackers, just MyFLO Period Tracker utilizes this plan of action. The upside of such a dangerous decision, in any case, is that in the specialty of paid applications you'll have less contenders. In addition, clients of paid applications are generally more steadfast and dynamic than clients of free applications. Mind you, in the event that you choose to pursue the paid plan of action, your application sticker price ought to be somewhere in the range of $0.99 and $1.99. 

In-application promotions 

Propelling a free application with in-application promotions might be an incredible route for you to begin creating income while as yet allowing clients to evaluate your item with no obstructions. That is presumably why this methodology is as yet mainstream among numerous applications, including for ladies' wellbeing following. In any case, in-application promoting might be insufficient whenever executed inadequately. 

To abstain from driving off your clients with irritating publicizing, you should discover a harmony between the quantity of promotions, the time and spot they show up, and the manners in which clients associate with them. Make a point to locate a believed advertisement arrange (which coordinates with well known brands and uses brilliant promotion focusing on), select a promotion position that suits your UI, and pick the best promotion valuing model. 

In case you're an engineer who considers the client experience first, odds are you can at present dispatch a fruitful free application that will acquire cash as opposed to cause client stir. 

In-application buys 

As another option, you can likewise offer paid access an advertisement free form of the application. This methodology is called freemium and infers an essential free form of an application with the alternative to buy in to an excellent one with extra highlights. For instance, Eve offers two plans – Glow Basic and Glow Premium. The Premium arrangement gives some of extra devices, for example, profile customization, one-on-one visits with different clients, reflections, a promotion free encounter, and premium access to Glow's different applications. 

The freemium model is additionally the plan of action utilized by Flo. As indicated by Sensor Towers, Flo earned more than $200,000 in income from iOS clients in 2018. 

To empower memberships in your ladies' wellbeing following application, you ought to coordinate with In-App Purchase APIs (for iOS) and Google Play Billing APIs (for Android). 

Stage 4: Consider modest yet significant subtleties 

It might appear that you know it all you requirement for an extraordinary female wellbeing following application improvement, yet there are a couple of more focuses that can't be ignored. We should perceive what can help your application become increasingly developed. 


For reasons unknown, numerous merchants accept that the structure of a period following application ought to be about blooms, butterflies, cats, rabbits, and various shades of pink. This is unusual, in any case. Actually, numerous clients are frustrated to be related with so much Barbie stuff. In their criticism about period trackers, ladies frequently notice that they don't need everybody to see quickly from the welcome screen that they're logging their period. 

You ought to likewise think about sexual assorted variety. Having a transgender man in the group, Clue is very much aware that not every person who tracks a period recognizes as a lady. That is most likely why the application utilizes impartial UI plan and UX duplicate, unobtrusively expressing that Clue is an application for "individuals who discharge." 

Participation with genuine masters 

Nothing says more regarding the nature of an item than the assessment of genuine specialists. Be that as it may, how might you ensure specialists will support your item? Draw in a similar quality authorities and researchers to assist you with examining information and construct an amazing wellbeing arrangement that ingests learning around a great many ladies' manifestations and cycles. This is entirely Clue moved toward building their administration. The organization's participation with the best medicinal pros brought the application to the highest point of the rankings on the two iOS and Android. 

Shine Inc. pursues a similar methodology. Being a specialist in ladies' wellbeing and sexual training, Glow utilized all their experience and information to construct their first application, Glow Fertility Tracker, which ended up extraordinary compared to other advanced items for those attempting to imagine. Another Glow application, Eve, was additionally constructed utilizing rich information of the organization's restorative authorities. Eve's Cycloscope highlight gives ladies significant, science-based tips each day of their cycle. 

Information insurance guidelines 

We've just discussed secret word insurance. Is that the main information security measure your application needs? Not so much, since there are likewise a lot of information security guidelines a cutting edge business person ought to know about to keep away from lawful issues. 

Fortunately as a proprietor of a period tracker you don't need to stress over the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). This guideline for the most part doesn't make a difference to wellbeing and wellness applications (except if you store clients' close to home information that can be associated with their therapeutic information). You can peruse progressively about this in our article on HIPAA necessities and different guidelines forced on therapeutic programming. 

In case you're keen on offering your application to inhabitants of EU nations, notwithstanding, you'll have to ensure your administration is GDPR consistent. GDPR represents the General Data Protection Regulation, which controls the preparing of individual information of EU inhabitants and the fare of individual information outside of EU nations. You can consider the full guideline and look at the most recent updates here. 

Clearly, your administration ought to have an effectively open and justifiable security strategy that contains all data about how you accumulate, use, and deal with clients' information to cover every single lawful inquiry. 

Starting today, period trackers are viewed as the second biggest kind of application in the wellbeing and wellness class. There are in excess of a hundred female wellbeing following applications for iOS and Android joined. Despite the fact that they all emphasis on wellbeing, not many female wellbeing following application sellers connect genuine wellbeing experts and researchers in building their items. What might make your application truly shrewd and aggressive is cooperation with world-class human services masters whose work can add to building incredible usefulness and a natural structure. In any case, in particular, you have to listen mindfully to the requirements of the ladies for whom you're structuring your application.