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Stove Baked Chicken Kofta Wraps

Lettuce wraps? Underestimated. 

Certainly, they're a more beneficial choice than a carb-y tortilla, but on the other hand they're fresh, cool and reviving. 

Nourishment blogger Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish, writer of the new cookbook The Defined Dish: Healthy and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes, is in understanding. Her stove heated chicken kofta wraps are going on our short rundown. 

"Kofta is a Middle Eastern dish," she clarifies, "produced using ground sheep or b*** blended in with warm flavors like paprika, cumin, allspice and cinnamon. The blend is formed into balls or patties, barbecued and presented with pita servings of mixed greens, plunges and sauces." They're ordinarily speared and cooked on a flame broil, however it very well may be dubious getting them to hold together, so Snodgrass built up her formula to be prepared in the stove to make it essentially secure. 

"I love serving mine in lettuce cups loaded up with cucumbers, tomatoes and a scrumptious lemon-garlic aioli," she proceeds. 

Gracious, and we should specify: They're without gluten, sans grain, sans dairy, paleo, Whole30 and, generally significant, flavorful. 


Chicken Kofta 

1 little yellow onion, cut into 8 wedges 

2 cups approximately stuffed new parsley 

3 garlic cloves 

1 pound ground chicken bosom 

1 pound ground chicken thigh 

1 huge egg 

1½ teaspoons legitimate salt 

½ teaspoon paprika 

½ teaspoon ground cumin 

½ teaspoon allspice 

½ teaspoon ground turmeric 

½ teaspoon newly ground dark pepper 

¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper 

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon 

Lemon-Garlic Aioli 

½ cup mayonnaise 

Ground get-up-and-go of ½ lemon (around 1 teaspoon) 

2 tablespoons crisp lemon juice (from around 1 lemon) 

2 garlic cloves, minced 

¼ teaspoon fit salt 

To Assemble 

1 head margarine lettuce 

1 nursery cucumber—stripped, divided the long way and cut into meager cuts 

2 ready tomatoes, divided and meagerly cut 

½ red onion, meagerly cut (around 1 cup) 


1. Make the Chicken Kofta: Preheat the broiler to 375°F. Line two enormous heating sheets with material paper and put in a safe spot. 

2. In the bowl of a nourishment processor or blender, consolidate the onion, parsley and garlic. Procedure until the onion and parsley are finely minced, nearly to a mash. Move to a sifter or fine-work strainer. Press down on the blend with the rear of a spoon, depleting off any abundance fluid. 

3. In a huge bowl, consolidate the ground chicken bosom, ground chicken thigh, egg, salt, paprika, cumin, allspice, turmeric, dark pepper, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Add the onion-parsley blend to the bowl and start working the blend with your hands. Following a couple of moments, it will have a clingy, glue like consistency. 

4. Scoop the blend onto the readied preparing sheets into 2½ tablespoon balls, dividing them about 1½ inches separated. With moist hands, smooth the highest points of the koftas and balance the sides, framing them into uniform patties. (Moist hands help make working with the clingy, glue like meat simpler.) 

5. Prepare until the kofta patties are cooked through, or never again pink when sliced through the middle, and brilliant dark colored, 20 to 25 minutes. Cool the koftas marginally before gathering the wraps. 

6. Make the Lemon-Garlic Aioli: In a little bowl, join the mayo, lemon get-up-and-go, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Mix until very much consolidated. 

7. To Assemble: Place the koftas in lettuce cups and include cucumber, tomato and red onion. Top with the lemon-garlic aioli. 


488 calories 

36g fat 

10g carbs 

32g protein 

4g sugars