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Remote Control Of The Brain Is Coming: How Will We Use It?

Controlling the brains of others from separation has for quite some time been a most loved sci-fi s

5G Will Require AI-Enabled Cybersecurity to Handle New Threats

South Korea has revealed the world's first 5G arrange, with velocities 20 to multiple times quicker than 4G.

Is It True That We Are All Wrong About Black Holes?

A savant of science stresses that the relationship between black holes and thermodynamics has been extended exces

iPhone 11, Pro and Max hands-on: Apple wagers huge on the camera for new phones

Our early introductions are in for Apple's three new iPhones. In addition, each element you should think about. 

What is Robotics? – Meaning, Attributes, and Types of Robotics

Definition of Robotics 

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