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How AI Is Revolutionizing Customer Service

More organizations than any other time in recent memory are utilizing man-made brainpower (AI) to streamline executio

Shrouded Costs of Unsecured Data

It appears to be mind boggling that even today there are a few organizations who have no arrangement for their inform

Tech Key in UK Vote – But Will British Tech Industry Fare Well with Tory Win?

England has spoken – and it overwhelmingly needs a Tory government.

Why Entrepreneurs should concentrate on DAZZLE instead of remember their Good fortune

The silicon valley as well as the entire world is fixated on billion-dollar new businesses in the business.

When should your youngster get a cell phone?

I study the impacts of media and innovation on kids.

Cisco Enters Chip Market, Supplying Microsoft, Facebook

Cisco Systems Inc.

The trolls are collaborating—and tech stages aren't doing what's needed to stop them

Two tech anthropologists dissect the manners in which that online abusers organize their assaults and target individu

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