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Tiramisu sundae with salted pine nut weak formula

In case you will do a sweet for an evening gathering, make it easy to assemble and liberal to eat. all in all I need it to be untidy and heaped high, with as much cream, custard and frozen yogurt as I can authentically fit in the bowl. 

Planning time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 5 minutes 



300ml twofold cream 
1 tbsp muscovado sugar 
2 tbsp crème fraîche 
1 tbsp salted spread 
125g pine nuts 
1½ tbsp caster sugar 
200g madeira cake (or another plainish wipe) 
180ml solid espresso 
120ml marsala 
6 scoops salted caramel frozen yogurt (espresso or vanilla would be acceptable as well) 
50g dull chocolate, generally slashed 
Flaky salt, to serve 


Whip the cream and muscovado into delicate pinnacles. At that point overlay in the crème fraîche. Put in a safe spot. 

Set a little skillet over a low-medium warmth. Soften the margarine. Include the pine nuts and hurl in the hot spread for a couple of moments. At that point sprinkle over the caster sugar. Cook, hurling incidentally, until the nuts are starting to dark colored however essentially aren't singed. Spill out onto a bit of heating material and leave to cool and firm up a bit. 

Cut the cake into 12 thick rod about the size of a thumb. Put two hunks of cake at the base of six sundae glasses. Spoon espresso and marsala over the wipe – a few treat spoonfuls over each, or more on the off chance that you like it boozy. 

To serve, top the wipe with a scoop of dessert, a solid touch of cream, the pine nut weak and a little slashed chocolate. Finish with a sprinkle of flaky salt.