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A Writer Who Wants To Make A Difference & Travel The World

Heer Khant is a writer to put it simply. She chose writing against all odds. After studying law for five years, she felt that her happiness lies in nothing else but writing. She chose to turn her passion into her profession and today has written several creative writing, content writing, copywriting projects and does not believe in working from a cubicle.


Her philosophy in life is to live it in a way that she can be remembered long after death. She wants to make the world a better place to live in. She does not conform to conventional beliefs, questions almost everything and does not want to be tied down.


A digital nomad, Heer has also translated two books from Gujarati to English, out of which one is soon to be adapted for the screen. She has completed her own novel that is the editing stage. She has also written a research-based book for NGO ‘Donate Life’ on the cause of organ donation that was launched by the Governor of Gujarat Mr. O.P. Kohli in the presence of the President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind and the Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Vijay Rupani in May, 2018.


Born in Mumbai in 1993, she has always been a person who thought out of the box. Sensitive at heart her ideas of changing the world began at a very early age. In school, she was active as a social worker and her work got featured in the media as well. She won several awards in school like the Utukuru Sankuntalamma Gandhi Memorial Award in 2009 for social work, awarded by Mr. Tushar Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson) and the Times NIE Student of the Year award.


School was also the time when she filed several Right To Information requests to ask questions to the government that helped spread awareness. While studying law, she ran a campaign at the time of the Nirbhaya case and gained the support of 5,000 people to treat the minor convict as an adult. In college, she was the one of the two heads of the Juriscine Committee that linked law and cinema and organized several events where students from across India participated.


Her dream in life is to travel the world, write until her last breath and capture her memories through photographs. She wants to start an NGO of her own in the near future and embrace voluntourism.


She has learnt classical singing and plays the keyboard from the young age of four. She is also an artist, who paints for herself and an avid reader.