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Your Guide To Storing Pudina Or Mint For That Fresh Flavor

Mint or pudina is one of the most generally utilized herbs in Indian kitchens. From making mint chutney to embellishing our biryanis with mint leaves, we love having this cooling herb. Mint isn't just known for adding an invigorating taste to your dishes, yet it is additionally known for its restorative properties. For a considerable length of time, mint has been utilized to treat distinctive wellbeing and skin issues. 

One thing about mint leaves is that they don't remain new for a really long time. In any event, when you store mint leaves in the fridge, they won't remain that new. Nothing can beat the kind of the naturally culled or bought mint. Nonetheless, for simple use, it is ideal to keep a heap of mint at home. 

Here are some simple stockpiling tips that will assist you with putting away pudina or mint for a considerable length of time or in any event, for a year. Peruse on. 

The most effortless method for putting away mint and keeping the flavor new is by putting away it in water. Take a major container or a glass compartment, contingent upon the amount of mint bought. Cut the base of the stem. Fill some water in the compartment and afterward place mint sprigs in it. You can cover it with a wet material or a plastic pack and afterward keep in your cooler. This will assist you with keeping your mint crisp for two or three weeks. 

Another extraordinary method for putting away mint is by enclosing the mint sprigs by a soggy paper towel. Enclose mint by the towel and afterward pack in a plastic sack. Presently place this sack in the cooler. Your mint will keep going for as long as about fourteen days. 

Mint can be put away as ice solid shapes as well. Mint 3D squares can be effectively added to chutneys, sauces, and soups. Mint holds the new flavor for a long time on the off chance that it is put away along these lines. To make these shapes, wash and slash mint appropriately. Take your plate and afterward fill slashed mint in the plate alongside water. 

In the event that you wish to utilize pudina or mint all during that time in a dry structure then this is a simple technique for putting away them. Purchase new mint leaves and afterward wash them. Take a paper towel and afterward enclose these leaves by it. Spot this towel under daylight for a few days. Don't straightforwardly put pudina leaves under daylight. At the point when the mint leaves dry totally, mix them to make a powder. This powder can be sprinkled in your various curries, servings of mixed greens, and raitas. 

Mint can add extraordinary flavor to your dishes. It not accessible effectively and can't be put away for long yet we trust these tips assist you with putting away them well.